Manage Your Team

Heymarket includes a number of roles and permissions that can be assigned to members of a team. Each role has a set of allowed permissions. With this, you can control who can do what in a Heymarket team.

The following roles are available:

  • Owner - this is the person who created the team. They can manage the subscription, manage the team (add and remove users, set permissions), manage inboxes, manage contacts and custom fields, view reports, and manage integrations.
  • Team Administrator - this role can adjust anything in the team except the subscription information.  They can also view reports.
  • Contact Administrator - this role can create, modify, update, and delete contacts. They can also add custom fields.
  • Member - this is the default role. They can access messages, templates, lists, and contacts. They cannot import contacts or access the above administrative features. You can also choose to hide customer PII (Personal identifiable information) with this role.

To change a team member's permission, go to the Administration / Team section of Heymarket Web.

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