How to port an existing VoIP number to Heymarket

Depending on whether you would like to keep the voice functionality of your VoIP number, Heymarket has steps for both paths to host your number. 

For Heymarket users who want to be able to keep the voice functionality of their VoIP number:

  • Contact your current carrier to release the SMS functionality of your VoIP number by removing the SPID (Service Provider Identifier). Once you confirm with your carrier that the SPID for the number has been deleted, you can follow the steps in this help article to text-enable the number.
  • Some carriers like Google Voice do not allow the release of the number's SPID. In this case, please reach out to Heymarket Support (415-562-0100) for more information about preferred carrier partners that allow for SPID release. 
  • Heymarket can also provide you with a new texting-only number. We support customization of the phone's area code as well as call forwarding for the number. 

For Heymarket users interested in only the SMS/MMS functionality of their VoIP number:

  • Reach out to Heymarket Support (415-562-0100) who will determine the next steps for porting your number to Heymarket. Information that will come in handy is a copy of your most recent phone bill for verification purposes.





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