Automations can be used to simplify the manual steps typically done in Heymarket and provide a higher degree of customization. Some examples of automations include:

  • Sending an auto reply message based on a keyword in a message
  • Adding a contact to a list based on a keyword in a message

Each automation includes a trigger and one or more actions. They can be configured by team owners and team administrators.

The trigger will monitor an inbox for a certain condition. When the condition is met, Heymarket will automatically initiate the corresponding action(s).


Heymarket support the following triggers:

  • First incoming message - monitor an inbox for the first incoming message from a contact.
  • Keyword in incoming message (exact match) - monitor all incoming messages in an inbox for a specific keyword. The message must only contain that specific keyword.
  • Keyword in incoming message (contains) - monitor all incoming messages in an inbox for a specific keyword. Them message must contain the keyword but can also include words.


Heymarket supports the following actions. Multiple actions can be associated with a single trigger.

  • Send a Message - send a message that is based on a template.
  • Add to List - add the contact to a new or existing list.
  • Remove from List - remove the contact from a list.

Example: Auto Reply Based on Incoming Messages

For customer support or operations, you may want to let contacts know that their message has been received and that someone will get back to them shortly. Here is the Heymarket Automation for scenario:


Example: Keyword Opt In to Lists

For marketing or sales, it's important to allow contacts to opt-in and subscribe to updates from your business. You can allow them to text a specific word, such as SUBSCRIBE, to a phone number. The contact will then be added to a list, where you can follow up with a single message or a drip campaign. Here is the Heymarket Automation for that scenario:



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