Heymarket Reports

Heymarket offers built-in reporting that provides insight into messaging, app usage, and team productivity.  It provides information about volume inbound and outbound, individual chats, template usage, and list usage. It also enables you to compare over a time period, inbox, or by agent.  Team admins and owners will have the ability to access reports.


  • First Response Time
    • Once a new chat appears in the inbox, the average time it takes for the first response.
  • Average Response Time
    • The average time it takes to reply to each message in a chat.
  • Resolution Time
    • The time a chat is in an Inbox before it is closed.


  • Total Messages
    • Outbound/Inbound messages volume
  • Total Phone Calls (unavailable for landline/VoIP hosted numbers used as Heymarket Inboxes)
    • Received Phone Call Duration
  • Total chats volume
    • Contact that sent/received the most messages.
  • Total templates usage
    • Most used templates
  • Total list volume
    • Most used lists
  • Unsubscribed contacts
    • Any contact who replied with an opt-out keyword like STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL.

Team Members

You can track Performance data broken down by Team member in this section. To keep track of all sent/received messages by Team member go to the the Volume > Chats section of Reports. Sent messages by Team member has been historically available in this section, but starting from December 20, 2019 you can also keep track of all received messages by Team member (please keep in mind that data for received messages also started on December 20, 2019 which means there will not be received message data prior to this date). To track received messages by Team member, the conversation must be assigned to the Team member. 

You can also filter metrics by Inbox and timeframe across all the above categories (Performance, Volume, and Team Members). Reporting timeframes depend on the plan you are on:

  • Basic Plan - does not include the ability to view reports.
  • Premium Plan - includes the ability to view reports for the past 90 days.
  • Team Plan - includes the ability to view reports for the past 1 year.
  • Enterprise Plan - includes the ability to view reports indefinitely.
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