In most businesses there are often messages that you frequently send people. Heymarket templates allow you to send the same message multiple times to save you time and avoid errors. 

Create a Template

  1. Tap on Templates at the bottom of Heymarket
  2. Tap Create at the top
  3. Give the template a title. Only you can see the template title.
  4. You can now enter text and add photos to the template. Heymarket can auto-insert the first name of the contact(s) this template will be sent to. This won't be included if a contact does not have a first name.
  5. Tap Done at the top.

Send a Template as a Message

  1. Go to a message.
  2. Tap the attachments icon.
  3. Select the Templates option.
  4. Select any of the templates listed.
  5. Heymarket will insert it into the message. You can edit the message before sending it.

Template shortcuts

To access templates without clicking on the Templates icon, you can also simply type "/" which will trigger our template shortcut feature. You can search all Templates by template name and by using the up/down arrow keys. Select the template you want by clicking or pressing enter. 

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