Reminders temporarily hide chats and notify you at the date/time of your choice. Reminders are great for keeping your inbox clear and never forgetting to follow up to messages.

How do I set a reminder?

For iOS - Go to Chat and swipe any message from left to right.

For Android - Go to Chat and hard press any message.  You can also do so from inside a Chat by pressing the information icon (ℹ) in the upper right hand corner.  

For Web - Go into a Chat click on the clock icon 🕘in the upper right hand corner.

Which reminders can I set?

Once you swipe a message, you can set any of the following reminders:

  1. Later Today - three hours later
  2. Tomorrow - next calendar day at 8am
  3. Next Week - this coming Monday at 8am
  4. Pick a specific date and time

Once you select a reminder, the message will be moved to the reminder view (the clock icon at the top of the screen). At the time of the reminder, the message will be moved back to your inbox and you’ll receive a notification from Heymarket.


Only you will be notified when it’s time for a reminder. You have full control over which of your contacts are messaged and how.

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