Managing Chats with a Team

Members of a shared inbox can assign chats to each other, see when someone else is viewing a message, or typing a reply.

Assigning Chats

Assignments are a great way to control notifications and get a focused view of relevant chats. By default, chats are assigned to nobody. So everyone in the inbox will receive a notification for each new message. To assign a chat from Heymarket Web, just click on 'Assigned to...' and select the appropriate team member. From the iOS and Android app, tap into chat details to re-assign the chat.

Viewing Chats Assigned to You

At the top of Chats, you'll see filters called 'Me', 'Unassigned', and 'All'. Select 'Me' to see just the chats assigned to you. Select 'Unassigned' to see the chats not assigned to anyone. Select 'All' to view all chats in the inbox. You can also see chats assigned to your team members in the dropdown menu in 'All'.

Each team member will only receive notifications for chats assigned to themselves or nobody.

Auto Assignment

When a team member replies to a new message, the chat will automatically be assigned to them. This feature can be disabled by the team administrator:

  1. Sign in Heymarket Web and go to the Manage Inboxes section
  2. Next 'Auto assign enabled', click on 'change'

This will disable auto assignment for all new chats.

Private Comments

When you type "@" or click "@" in your Heymarket Chat window, you can trigger private comments within a chat:


You can tag one or multiple team members in a private comment. Team members tagged will receive an alert that they have been tagged in a private comment and will be able to see the message within the specific chat. Private comments can only be seen by Heymarket team members and are outlined in yellow: 


Private comments can be used to alert team members of important reminders or information about the contact or chat that may have been discussed offline. 

Typing Indicators and Presence

Members of a shared inbox will see a private, status comment in the chat when another team member is viewing the chat or typing a reply.

Adding team members to your inbox. 

Here is a video on how to add team members to your inbox

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