Twilio Integration

With Heymarket's Twilio integration, you can use your existing Twilio number in your Heymarket Inbox. NOTE: For multi-Inbox customers, you must have to have ALL Heymarket Inbox phone numbers linked to phone numbers in your Twilio account. You cannot have one Heymarket Inbox linked to your Twilio account and another Heymarket Inbox using a Heymarket-given number.  

To set this integration up, you will need to be a Heymarket Administrator and have access to the following Twilio account information for your phone number: number, Account SID, and Auth Token).

  • If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Heymarket account.
  • Go to Administration / Integrations / Twilio and enter the Twilio information requested and click "Save" (NOTE: Twilio SID refers to your Twilio ACCOUNT SID not the phone SID. The Twilio Secret Key refers to the Twilio Authentication Token): 


  • Choose the Heymarket Inbox you would like to map your Twilio Phone Number to and click "Link":


And that's it! When you go to your Heymarket Inbox in Administration / Inbox, your Twilio Phone Number will now show:

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