Slack Integration

With Heymarket's Slack SMS integration, you can now receive messages in your preferred Slack channel and respond from within Slack! To set this up, you will need to be an administrator in Heymarket and have access to add integrations in Slack for this process to work.


Adding the Integration

  • It's easy to get started, just go to the Integrations tab under Administration
  • From there, scroll down until you see Slack Integration -- click on Setup
  • You will be directed to a page to enter your Slack workspace information and then sign into your Slack account. 
  • Once you're logged in, Heymarket and Slack will ask for permissions. In the permission field, you should select which channel you'd prefer Heymarket chats to be posted in.


  • Once you've selected a channel, click on Authorize. You will get a confirmation message and then be taken back to the integrations page within Heymarket. From here, confirm the Slack Channel you selected was correct and the corresponding Heymarket Inbox is selected. You can also add more channels.
  • If you are integrating to a private slack channel you need to invite the Heymarket app to the channel. You can simply do this by entering this command in your channel
    /invite @heymarket



Using Slack with Heymarket

Now that you've set up your Heymarket account with Slack you can start using it right away.  


Any message that comes into the inbox you've selected will also post in the Slack appropriate channel. You can respond directly to that message in Slack and it will send to your customer as a text message!

To test it out, send a message to the inbox number you've integrated with Slack. You will get a message in Slack similar to the one below:


Once you've received the message in Slack, click on the message to reply.




Your reply will immediately go out to the initial device you tested with. As you can see in the screenshot above if you have the web client open you may also see a notification in the browser.  Now, if you go into the Heymarket inbox in question, you will also see the thread there (as shown below).  



You can reply to the original thread in Heymarket or through Slack moving forward, but any inbound messages to the channel linked with Slack will continue to show in both places.

You can initiate messages from Slack with the following command: "/heymarket text [number] [message]"


You can also initiate list messages from Slack with the following command: "/heymarket list [list name] [message]"



  • Only one Heymarket Inbox can be linked per Slack Channel. 
  • Avoid de-linking a Heymarket Inbox/Slack Channel integration and re-linking to a new Slack Channel.
  • Deleting a thread will remove the sync between Slack and the Heymarket contact. 

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