Facebook Integration


With Heymarket’s Facebook integration you can read and send Facebook Messages from a Heymarket inbox. Utilize Heymarket business process features like templates, scheduled messages, auto-reply, and more with Facebook messages.

How it Works

When someone messages your business from your Facebook Page, the message will appear in the Heymarket inbox of your choice. People with access to the inbox can read the message and reply while utilizing Heymarket features like templates, scheduled messages, and more.

The person that messaged your Facebook page will become a Heymarket contact.


The Heymarket Facebook integration currently supports Facebook Pages only and must be created by the administrator of the Facebook Page. To set this up, your Facebook account will need permissions to manage a Facebook page. 

Follow these steps to set up the integration:

  1. Go to the Manage Integrations section of Heymarket Web and click on Facebook.
  2. Click on 'Setup'. This will redirect you to Facebook where you will need to allow Heymarket to access your account information.
  3. Once your Facebook account is connected to Heymarket, select the Facebook page you want to access. Select which inbox to view messages and click 'Add'.

You should now be able to receive messages from your Facebook page and reply from your Heymarket inbox.

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