Customizing Messages with Merge Tokens

What are Merge Tokens?

Merge tokens are automatically populated fields you can use to insert information about your contacts to personalize a message.  For example, if you upload a contact list that contains your contacts name, phone number, city name, and email you could use merge tokens to customize a bulk message to that list.  

For example, a message can look something like this:

Hey {{first_name}}, thanks for signing up for more information about opportunities in {{city_name}}.  

Based on what we know from your contact list, we would automatically fill in the contacts first name and city.  

Messages to contacts can be customized and personalized to automatically include their first name, last name, or any custom fields. Just type {{ to see a list of available of options and select the appropriate field.

Merge tokens are available in templates when composing a message to a list, or for any individual chat. They can be used from Heymarket Web, the iOS app, or the Android app.

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