Photos and Annotations

You can attach to any message. You can even annotate the photo and include multiple photos to a single message.

Attach a Photo

  1. Go to any message.
  2. Tap on attachments.
  3. Select Share Photos or Take Photos.
  4. Take a photo with your camera and tap done to attach it. You can also select one or more photos from your phone and tap done.

Annotating a Photo

  1. Select or take a photo from attachments.
  2. At the bottom of the selected photo you'll see a bar that says, "Tap photo to add annotation".
  3. Tap the bar and add your note.
  4. You can move the annotation up and down as you like.

Sending Multiple Photos

  1. Select or take multiple photos from attachments.
  2. Tap Done to add them to the message.
  3. Heymarket will automatically create a mobile web page with the photos. Your recipient(s) will receive the web page link in the message.
  4. When tapping it, they can view the photos in a web gallery.
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