Best practices when using lists and campaigns

Best Practices and Legal Requirements

Lists and campaigns are a great way to reach multiple contacts at the same time. You'll get the highest reply rate from customers if you follow these best practices and requirements:

  • Curate your contacts before adding them to Heymarket. Make sure these are contacts whom you have an existing relationship with.
  • Each contact must have given you prior, written consent to message them. This is a legal requirement. Written consent can be electronic, but must not be a condition of purchase.
  • In the first message, tell contacts that they can stop receiving messages from you by replying with UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP, or QUIT. This is a legal requirement.
  • Introduce yourself in the first message to let each contact know who is messaging them. This is a legal requirement.
  • Use smaller lists to send targeted messages.
  • Personalize messages by automatically including a recipient's first name.

Legal Compliance

You are solely responsible for complying with all federal and state regulations and the Heymarket Terms of Service. You can learn more about federal regulations, such as TCPA, here. We do not tolerate spam and such accounts will be blocked.

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