Can I use my existing business number?

Heymarket allows you to port over the SMS portion of an existing landline, toll-free, or business number.  For mobile or VoIP numbers, you'll need to port the entire voice and SMS service over which will disrupt voice services.

For business, toll-free, or landline ports, go to the Administration tab and click "Port Number" to start the process.  

For VoIP or Mobile number ports, you will need to complete the attached LOA, submit a recent bill, and request a CSR (customer service record) from your losing carrier.  You would then submit that information to Heymarket Support to start the process.

For Google Voice numbers, we can port your entire number to Heymarket however like mobile numbers, you would lose your voice capabilities.  You can always forward your calls to another active number. Before you can port your number, you'll need to unlock it.  Visit: and follow the steps to unlock your number then take a screenshot and send that over to us to begin the process.

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