Google My Business - Receiving Text Messages

As a business, you probably have a Google My Business listing. It's what people see when they search for your business in Google. The Google My Business listing shows your address, hours of operation, phone number, and other information provided by you.

You can setup any Google My Business listing to accept text messages. People will then be able to text your business from their phone and the messages will appear in your Heymarket inbox.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Go to your Google My Business listing and click on 'Turn on Messaging'.


2. Enter the Heymarket number you would like to receive text messages with.


3. Google will send the Heymarket number a text message with a verification code. Enter the verification code here.


4. That's it! Your business is now setup to receive text messages. When people tap the 'Message' button under your business in Google search results, they'll be sending messages to your Heymarket number and inbox.



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